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Howdy! And welcome to the portfolio site of Lindsay Cecero— a Senior Art Director, currently at Media Arts Lab in LA. That's me! My portfolio site can't have my portfolio for  reasons but I can tell you about it. Along with show you some behind the scenes photos above, for when you're tired of reading!


And away we go... I launched the @apple Instagram account, interviewing over 50 people from around the world about their love of photography — from bee keepers, to a Mongolian photographer who captures Eagle Huntresses, to a ship captain, to a New York Times reporter.  I took more selfies then I'd ever like to admit, which resulted in my face being printed on a billboard and hung from the ceiling of my office, yikes. But it's okay because the  spoken word poetry of Muhammad Ali was here to remind me that I am the greatest.  I launched an iPhone with a spot that had a giant corgi in it, a personal dream of mine. Taught Hoyte Van Hoytema how to use portrait mode on iPhone. I made the first ever Apple commercial about privacy with Oscar-winning director Alexander Payne, who showed us around Nebraska and guided us to the best meat and cheeses ever. I hung out in a tree house with Phedon Papamichael. I was almost able to fly to Cannes to accept our Gold Lionbut our $finance$ team thought otherwise. I traveled to Turkey where I found out what Turkish delights are, and pitched sustainability ideas for LEGO.. I flew 17 hours to Singapore to help sell iPhones in the Malaysian markets. I flew to Mexico to make babies cry and capture people falling asleep all to the voice of Julie Andrews.. I've done the fun boot camp of iPhone launch twice now, and now have an addiction to coffee. I was recognized by The Drum's 50 under 30, Business Insider's 36 Rising Stars of Madison Avenue and I was a Young Guns 17 finalist. I have won awards at Cannes and the One Show, and have been nominated for an Emmy.  I helped Oprah share information about COVID-19 and highlighted the heroes on the frontline. And on a personal note, I made it to the final 3 of Survivor Quarantine — ask me about it! 

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